Will my flowers look the same as they did on my event day?

In most cases, no. While I take careful steps to maintain the color and form of your blooms, natural changes occur as they dry and should be expected in the final artwork. For example, some florals darken and some lose their color. Some florals don’t stay intact, so I have to remove the petals for use in the artwork, rather than the whole flower. Some florals will change color once they make contact with resin. I truly understand the special connection you hold with your flowers, and how much they mean to you. I take the utmost care and time to delicately preserve and turn them into artistic keepsakes that you will love.

Will I be able to have input in my artwork design?

When you place your order you will be able to provide notes, which will give me a starting point for designing your artwork. You can also contact me via email to let me know you’d like something particular included. Once your florals are dry, I will work on your design and send you a mockup, if requested, for review. You may request up to two revisions, and at that point you will need to choose one of the three options already provided to you. I also must be able to maintain my creative freedom and integrity as an artist. We are not designing together; rather, you are commissioning me to create a custom artwork for you.

Mockups are an option for the main resin piece only and do not apply to the other keepsakes I offer. Any other keepsakes you order will be designed at my discretion to compliment the aesthetic of your main resin piece.

How long will my artwork last?

Forever! However, all epoxy resins will yellow over time. This is natural, but I use UV protection in our process to prolong it from occurring.

What is resin and how does it affect my florals and artwork?